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About-Face Development is a veteran owned consulting firm offering a variety of services to advance organizational performance. Some of our areas of focus include:

Sales Skills Development

Most sales processes in the market today are far more similar than different. Successful sales process development needs to be geared toward the clients business and customers.

Leadership Development

The most successful companies invest in their people. Utilizing individualized assessment, About-Face Development offers programs and tools to insure continuous leadership development.


About-Face Development focuses its consulting efforts in areas where it possesses significant expertise. These also include training department design and development.

Mobile Learning Solutions

About-Face Development offers world-class mobile solutions, making it possible for organizations to develop their employees remotely.


Coaching is most effective when there is a first an assessment of the knowledge, skills and activities of the individual. From there, focusing on developing their strengths, and addressing areas of deficiency, results in significantly improved performance.


Utilizing needs/learner/gap analysis processes, we identify the cause of performance deficiencies and design solutions to address them.

Interviewing & Selection Training

What is the most important task contributing to a leaders success? The majority of successful managers will answer, “Making good hiring decisions.” Even with this knowledge, interviewing and selection skills are often deficient in many organizations, and rely solely on hiring managers gut.

About-Face Developments tools and expertise in this area can help organizations prepare managers to mitigate the risks associates with the selection process.

Presentation Skills Training and Speaking

If you’ve ever evaluated the effectiveness of a training session, you know that facilitator skill is as important as the content. Don’t risk putting an unskilled facilitator in front of your audience. We offer courses designed to help develop presenter skills and impact.

About-Face Development offers keynote speaking on numerous topics or can customize a talk based on your organizations needs.

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