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Performance Improvement. Personal Growth. Leadership Development.


“A change in attitude, behavior, or direction”

Helping an organization achieve greater results requires more than a consulting firm’s training, academic or practical experience. It requires them all. It should not be approached by those with a limited or singular background. Success in a function such as sales or sales management alone does not provide the expertise needed to assess and define a performance improvement strategy. Likewise, academic and/or training expertise alone typically lacks the critical understanding of the nuances learned from having actually succeeded in a commercial role.

Performance improvement is a process best addressed by those with experience and expertise in multiple disciples including sales, marketing, assessment, gap/learner/root cause analysis, solution design/delivery, training delivery/assessment, amongst others. Without this experience, too often the offering suggested is based on, “I’ve seen this before and here is what will work” or fitting a problem into a solution, rather than designing and delivering a solution based on the specific organizational need.

About-Face Development’s goal is to bring its clients customized solutions that will advance performance. We are uniquely positioned to deliver this based on our combination of academic and practical experience and expertise.

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